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The godfather of coaching in Japan brings you the simplest guide to human resource management based upon the incredibly popular 2007 lecture “Corporate Coaching in Japan: Improving Business Performance by Improving Relationships,” held at New York University.The methods introduced don't require any formal coaching skills: all you need to do is create three minutes to think about your direct reports and speak to them. Making this time for your employees will help them grow far more than trying to strictly follow rules set out in other complicated management books.The Three-Minute Coach places a heavy emphasis on learning to foresee when and why your direct reports will want to speak to you. This is because effective leaders are not only well versed in management theory, but also know when and how to apply their knowledge. Each chapter also contains multiple “Three-Second Tips” which summarize the main points, giving you a quick reference when you are short of time.The methods in this book are applicable whether you work at a store with only one employee or at a multinational corporation with a staff of thousands. Itoh’s methods provide managers with stress-free solutions to any problem at hand. Simple, easy and effective, The Three-Minute Coach will transform your organization and employees, helping them to realize their full potential.

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